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Guidelines on how to use modafinil safely and effectively

for beginers Its effective at only 100-150 mg and side effect of modafinil are manageable if user take it with recommended dose and at recommended time ( morning ). although in real world people even take it at night and at higher dose which will disturb your sleep/wake cycle and it will take couple of days before it get readjusted after you quit modafinil. taking high dose of modafinil and hoping to get high with focus also wont work since modafinil doesnt make you high like other ADHD medicines adderall and ritalin .

if you are starting modafinil for the first time start low at 100 mg and see how it effect your sleep quality . if you dont take caffien adderall etc and have lightweight body even 100 mg could give you good effect . you are free to take any dose you feel comfortable with , its your life , your body and your goals , off-course !

Some people get tempted to mix modafinil with caffien. this mix can have some effect on cardiovascular system specially during physical load or if user is already stressed. high dose caffien with modafinil may cause dry mouth hypertension , anorexia , insomnia and some other side effects.

Use of modafinil with alcohal is not recommended since alcohal is central nervouse system stimuelent and alchohal is central nervouse system depressent ( thats why it makes you sleepy ) . its like pushing accelaetor and break at the same time and body isnt exactly a machine its more delicate. mixing modafinil with any Central nervous system is not recommended.

if you take sleeping pills to sleep that means you are facing sleep issue , in that case modafinil is not recommended because it has potential to disturb your sleep . Taking pill in morning to work and taking pill at night to sleep seems too much and it will mess up your CNS ( central nervous system ) in long run. A messed up central nervous system will not let you feel OK.

Bottom line is mixing modafinil with any other Central nervous system is not recommended , specially for long period of time or before any intense physical activity .

if you have any serious heart problem or blood pressure problem i would recommend to stay away from modafinil and to look at other alternatives in life which are natural and side effect free in increasing focus and workdrive , for example meditaion and herbal alternatives and even sleeping early and having full 8- 9 hour sleep will make you feel to take on the world !

one negative aspect of modafinil that most people dont know is that it increases inflammation ( c-reactive protien) just after a single dose and increases chance of getting infection '" Listeria monocytogenes " by reducing host resistence . To combat this you must take care of what you eat and taking probiotic is recommended since it increases your resistence to infection .

if you are suffering from auto immune disease its important you pay attention to your sleep schudle when taking modafinil. taking enough sleep daily makes immune system strong and lack of sleep have negative effect on it so anything that can potentially disturb your sleep cycle is not good idea specially when you have any auto-immune disease .

since modafinil is a synthetic compound its good idea to stop using it after using it for few weeks or days , some people only take it during examination and like any synthetic medication , modafinil works better if you give your body a break time to time and this on and off schudle keeps you away from forming habit of modafinil